Do you in Need of a Custom Design ? Yes We can Do it as you need !


We can supply you with diffrent colours of the inflatable tube. Our standard is bright green witch we think works well with all animals and looks nice on the water as well.

Barca choc bumperboats has been tested by the UK based ADIPS

Weight & capacity

The boats are designed and built for use by young children, target age 3-6 year, but older kids can ride. Maximum weight of 40kg and/or a maximum height of 130cm.


The maximum speed is aproximently 3km/h, depending upon the weight of the child.

Steering gear

An aluminium steering wheel, witch is also powder coated, fixed to the steering shaft (stainless steel) by a steel bolt, tansfers the steering direction to the motor box via a soft flexible high pressure cable.


Barcachoc bumperboats complies with european CE and RoHS directives.


Barcachoc bumperboats come with a 12 month warrenty. The guarantee does not apply to damages caused due to abnormal use.


The boats tubs, hetches and battery boxes are structured from fibreglass and coloured with gelcoat during moulding.

The fabric we use for our inflatable tubes is a 32oz reinforced PVC material.

On the bumperboat tubes we always put an extra layer of wear protection material around the tube perimeter, since the tubes bump into each other and into other objects, most wear and tear damage occurs in that area.

Each inflatable has a rope attachment for towing.


The dimensions of each boat(without inflatable) is:

Length: 106cm
Width: 58cm
Height: 60cm
Weight: (With battery) 33kg

Battery box:
Length: 33cm
Width: 32cm
Height: 24cm
Weight: (With battery) ~23kg

Length: 130cm
Width: 90cm
Height: 30cm
Weight: 3kg


The battery included with each bumperboat is a maintenance free gel battery. The battery is totaly sealed and has a life expectancy of 500 cycles(50% depth of discharge).
It has a capacity of 62Ah 12V. This normally allows about 4-5 hours of operation.

High turnover users may want to consider purchasing extra batteries if it’s required to operate the barca choc boats for longer then 5 hours in any one day.


Propulsion is provided by a hydrojet totally moulded in aluminium, powder coated and fixed to the motor housing by a stainless steel tube. A stainless steel spindle connects the motor with the propeller through a self-lubricating brass box and a brass coupling.

The system is designed to provide a silent running with minimum wear and tear.

A twin-bladed propeller, crafted from a licensed synthetic material.

Battery box

The battery box housing is made of fibre-glass and coloured with gelcoat.

The battery-generated power is transmitted to the motor by stainless steel contacts. The battery box can be removed easily from the boat to allow service or storage.

Bumperboat Varieties

Bumperboat Tube Specifications


  1. The material is chemical resistant, so it will work well in a pool
  2. Special blend of material that is puncture resistant. No need for repairs under normal use.
  3. 32oz / 900g/m2 thick material. Better safe than sorry, this will last a long time
  4. On the bumperboat tubes we always put an extra layer of wear protection material around the tube perimeter, since the boats bump into each other and into other objects, most wear and tear damage occurs in that area.
  5. Inflation valve is of high quality, and place on the water side. No problem with unauthorised deflation of the tube.
  6. A handle is fixed to the tube at the rear. Easy for the staff to handle the boats
  7. UV resistant material.

Inflatable Pools

Pools are available in different colours. and other sizes. Also with artwork, logos and text as custom


  • 6x8m (for 4-5 boats)
  • 10x8m (for 6-8 boats)


  • 12 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Hand Held Fan
  • Initial safety certificate
  • Operating instructions
  • Minor repair kit
  • Storage bag


10*8M POOL

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