Our Suggestions on Placement

Are you settling down, or plan to settle down and don’t know what to do for income or just need something to do? Maybe you’re just looking to expand an already active business?

Let us help you out to get started! Only two, four or six hours of work a day is required. Anyone can manage it.

Here is our proposition to you:

You will own your own small business – a bumper boat attraction (Barca Choc©) for children up to 9 years of age.

The pool contains 4-10 animal shaped boats. Each boat is made of strong fiberglass surrounded by an inflatable tube made out of strong material. The animal shapes available are: Tiger, Ladybug, Monkey, Crocodile and Panda. The boats are fitted with a battery driven electric motor giving hydrojet propulsion. The battery box contains electronic timer, trip counter, pilot lamps for battery- and propulsion control and a slot machine for tokens.

The wooden pool is easy to assembly, and there is also a sand filter system – for pool maintenance to fill, clean, filter and empty the pool water.

The unit is delivered totally equipped and ready to work. The entire unit is guaranteed for one year.

During the past 30 years the Barca Choc© concept has been operating accident free and trouble free in many countries worldwide.


The return on your investment

@ 34 €uro per hour per boat Operating 4 boats Operating 6 boats Operating 10 boats
Total in 1 hour € 136 € 204 € 340
Total in 4 hours € 544 € 816 € 1360
Total in 100 hours € 13600 € 20400 € 34000

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